Why Does Joanna Gaines Style Homes?

All of us are excited to see Chip and Jo fixing up houses again on their new show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home! We love to see Chip's renovation skills and Jo's amazing designs. But amidst my excitement for the show, a thought occurred to me:

"Why does Joanna style the homes?"

She doesn't need to style the home to impress buyers; the home already has an owner. The producers of the show could easily do a virtual stage for the TV audience. Or why not just throw some furniture into the house? Why put in so much time and energy to style it?

The answer comes when watching the reactions of the homeowners as they step through the front door. They walk into the house, see the styled space, and light up with excitement and sometimes tears too. Their reactions reveal that a styled space is so much more than a room full of furniture and accessories.

Joanna styles the space to create a visual of what matters to the homeowners, an expression of their lifestyle. Styles make a house feel like home to the owners. You can have a house that's decorated nicely and doesn't represent anything. But a home is never represented by an empty space. And sometimes the previous owner's taste and style just doesn't fit the home nor is good for potential buyers.

Home is in our hearts. So styling is a way to reflect someone's heart, interests, and ideal lifestyle. This is why Johanna styles her client's properties.

In a similar way, we at Lavender & Birch evaluate each home we come into. We are thinking of price point, potential buyers, and how we want to create the lifestyle buyers are looking for. When we stage we are helping buyers envision themselves living their ideal lifestyle in the property they are looking at. Seeing a styled space makes it easier for people to think "This room would make a great office" or "I love how this bedroom is set up. Our daughter would love to sleep in here!" Once again making a space feel personal and intentional.

It has been so fun to explore the purpose behind Joanna's exquisite designs and think about how a styled space can create a sense of what home means to us! So what makes a space feel like home to you? How do you create the vision for your home so that everyone who comes in sees a representation of your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear what you say!

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