Preparing Your Home Steps 6-10

Hello, Homeowner! Here are the final five steps to consider for getting your home into ideal selling condition.

6. Interview for good agents. You have choices! And you want the best possible person in charge of listing, showing, and closing on your home. Shop around for an agent with a good track record and with whom you feel comfortable working.

7. Assess your furniture amount. You want your home to feel open, spacious, and inviting. The furniture should highlight the use of the room, not overtake it. This might mean removing larger or excessive pieces to give the room a better feel. If you're having trouble with this step, it's something a professional home stager would love to advise on.

8. Wash your windows. This is a cost-effective, simple step that adds volumes of bright cleanliness to your home! Cleaned windows let in the most light and allow for the best views. It's not something anyone is usually thinking about, but it does add that touch of crispness that only adds to a positive impression.

9. Point of entry. After curb appeal, this is your first impression, and you want it to be a good one. You may not always use your front door to enter your home, but your prospective buyers will. Standing at your front door and making sure sight lines are clear and defined will give positively affect the home buyer. You may need to add or subtract elements like artwork and furniture to get just the right look.

10. Consider hiring a professional stager for a walk through. We would love to help you! A professional home stager can give you advice for your home to look its best. We can give you room-by-room steps to ensure your home looks its best and appeal to potential buyers to get the most offers and for the best price.

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