Part 2 Top 10 things to do get your home ready for sale

Hello, Homeowner. Welcome to part two of the top ten things to do to sell your house. Here are the final five steps to consider for getting your home into ideal selling condition. 6. Interview for good agents. You want the best possible person in charge of listing, showing, and closing on your home. You are hiring someone to work for you. Shop around for an agent with a good track record and whom you feel comfortable working with. 7. Remove furniture.  If the room is small, consider moving out extra furniture. Furniture should define the space, not overtake it.  8. Wash your windows. Don't overlook this step. Clean windows let in the most light and allow for the best views. Windows are almost a piece of necessary furniture— you wouldn't leave crumbs on the couch.  9. Point of entry. You may always use your side door or mud room door to enter your home, but you want guests to see the best part of your home first. Put your best foot forward and use the front door. Add tasteful decor and clean sight lines for the best first impression. 10. Consider hiring a professional stager for a walk through. A professional home stager can give you advice for your home to look its best. The walk through is an in home consultation to give you room-by-room steps, s

imilar to those found in this list, to ensure your home looks its best and will appeal to potential buyers. 

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