Make your dreams come true

Welcome to Lavender and Birch Home Staging and Design, where it's our dream to make your home a dream come true. We are Aaron and Sara.  

Getting out recently on a quick date!

It's nice to meet you. Are you selling your home?

Are you a realtor who would

like to sell a home quickly?

Are there changes you'd like

to make to your space, but you don't quite know what to do with it? We can help. From home staging to complete interior revamp, we want to help you take your home to its best level. It all started with my own home, of course. Being at home with my young children, I began to tweak rooms and walls.  What did I like? What would make the room its most inviting? What would draw the eye and heart? My Pinterest grew. My interior design app took up more and more time. Aaron and I gutted two bathrooms. We moved twice in a year and I made each house our own. I have redone a friend's outdated dining room where she can now enjoy meals and conversation with friends and family in a space that welcomes and brings joy. I've met and worked with realtors to change an empty, lifeless house on the market to a cozy, inviting, potential dream home for the buyer. Our heart is to invite. Please come in, enjoy yourself, and be at home with family and friends.   This is our dream, what's yours?   

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