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What we have been doing and what's new!

Lavender & Birch Home Staging & Design has some very exciting updates to share with you! The housing market has been BOOMING with more and more houses going up for sale. And this has meant that staging jobs have been pouring through our doors like a mighty river! Our team has been so wonderful at taking on the challenge of each staging job with enthusiasm and care. We have loved being able to find the natural beauty and potential of every space and seeing our work draw that out into the spotlight for everyone to see. We are also very excited to share with you that through our staging services we have helped many of our client's properties sell for top dollar and over-asking! It's amazing what the special touch of a home-stager can do!

We wanted to give you a glimpse of what we do, so here are some before and after pictures of one of the houses we staged last month:

But staging isn't the only thing on our hands. We have also opened our own shop where we sell furniture used for staging but we no longer want and even buy new furniture and home decor to sell at a reasonable price! We keep our inventory changing and rotating, which keeps people coming back. Getting new vendors is one of the ways we have been able to grow just recently. Aside from the business standpoint, we have loved being able to get to know the people in our community who come through our doors; We have even had some people from out of state come in to shop with us!

One of the most exciting things we have put our hands to in the recent months is the launching of our new website! Since opening our shop one of the most frequent questions I get asked is "what do you have available?" I knew that I needed an outlet to keep people updated with our inventory. We all understand the ease and convenience of shopping online, so I immediately put a capable team together and through our combined efforts we have created and designed what I believe will be the most efficient and effective way to reach our clients and shoppers. You can find out about anything and everything Lavender & Birch through! Want to know more about who we are? View our About Us page. Are you on the edge of your seat to find out what amazing and affordable items we have in our inventory right now? Check out our catalog. Maybe you want to book a staging job with us. Just head on over to our website for that too! Everything you need from Lavender & Birch can now be accessed through one place. We hope that as you discover our website you find that you are right at home.

P.S. If you have not had a chance to check out our NEW website, click here:

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