Creating Thriving Families In Our Communities

Have you ever wondered how the mindset toward work in the modern-day world is effecting our families? Our culture glorifies people who work 65 hour weeks and prioritize their job before anything -and anyone- else. Parents miss their children's sports games and have been gone during birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays because work was more important. What if I told you there is a much better way to go about working, one that does not leave our families in the background, picking up the crumbs of ourselves that we leave behind for them?

First of all, we must change our mindset. Our American culture has built a society that puts the individual's work and accomplishments first, then money, themselves, family, friends and other people last. Society used to be built on faith and family first. When family is the foundation of a society, that society thrives in all areas- including the workplace. So the first thing we must do is change our mindset from business first to family first.

How do we do this? It starts with prioritizing our families. Whether that means your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, close relatives, or anyone whom you deem as your family. We must prioritize them and invest ourselves into their lives. This looks like going to their sports games, making sure you celebrate important dates, giving them your undivided attention when they talk to you, and doing fun things together. These are just some examples. The best way to invest in your family is to learn about them and do what makes them feel seen, valued, and loved. When you invest in them, they will invest in you also. What better blessing to have than a family that grows, thrives and are healthy together?

Healthy and strong families create thriving communities. When healthy and strong families are a society's foundation, that society will also be healthy and strong because members of those families will be in their government, workplaces, neighborhoods, and schools. Think about it. When there is peace at home, you come to work rested. When there is love at home, you come to work satisfied. And when there is joy at home, you come to work happy.

What you sow at home, you reap everywhere else. So let's put our families first and watch our lives, societies, and workplaces thrive because of it.

Are there specific things you do to help your family be healthy and thrive? Let us know in the comments!

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