Characteristics for the BEST employees

Lavender & Birch Home Staging & Design is dedicated to the idea that it takes a team to run a business. To all of my fellow business owners, you know that there are multiple aspects to your business and it is impossible to do everything yourself -although you might want to at times. Once you come to the realization that you need to assemble the right group of people in order to make the dream you have for your business a reality, the next question you ask yourself is "Who are the type of people I want on my team?" This question goes deeper than qualifications and experience, however. No matter what titles and accomplishments someone may have, there is no better employee than the one who has these three characteristics.

Work Ethic:

Anyone that you want to work for you must have the understanding of "I am here to work" and "I am here to get things done". Nobody likes to work with a busy body and much less do you like to have one work for you. You want someone who is willing to work with their hands, give a perfect effort in everything they do, and do whatever you ask of them.

Team Player:

Having a team player will make all the difference in your business. A team player is someone who is focused on the success of the business rather than the success of themselves. This is someone who determines the value of what they do as it contributes to the whole. They are willing to carry more than their share of the load, help their co-workers, and make sure that everyone is recognized for their efforts and shares the glory.

The Right Attitude:

You have heard it said that attitude is everything. This is absolutely correct. The best employees have the right attitude. But what does the right attitude look like exactly? It is somebody who does their work without complaining, questioning, or talking back. They only talk well of their co-workers, employers, and business. Someone who does everything (whether pleasurable or not) with a smiling face and determined spirit to do the job well. They are humble when given praise and celebrate the well-being and accomplishments of other people in the business. They also have honesty and integrity. This is a big one! Someone who tells the truth at all times and owns up to their responsibility; This could look like admitting to when they make a mistake or refusing to create excuses for things.

These are qualities we pride ourselves in here at Lavender & Birch and we would love to bring these to you with our home staging and home design services. We don't just want our business to grow because of these qualities; we want YOURS to as well. So contact us today about how we can be a part of your team, helping you be the best you can be!

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