(Re)Introducing Lavender & Birch Home Staging & Design!

Hello, everybody! Our design team has been in many homes designing the perfect, eye catching interiors for our clients. Due to everything that has been going on and the busyness of the past season, much to our disliking, the blog had fallen into the shadows. Because the blog has been quiet for so long you might be asking yourself a few questions about us.

"What have they been doing all this time?"

"Has anything changed about Lavender & Birch that I would want to know about?" Well, our home goods and furniture shop is growing! You can get a glimpse at for new decor, furniture, and home accents.

Or maybe you have been just recently introduced to us and the only question you are asking is: "What, or rather who, exactly is Lavender & Birch Home Staging and Design?" I want to say that your questions are very important to us and we appreciate every single person who supports or has taken an interest in Lavender & Birch. We want to show our appreciation by treating each and every person like a valued friend. A valued friend is someone that you show your real self to and share the best of what you have with. That is why I have dedicated this post to introducing, whether to old friends or to new ones, who we are as a business, so that you could get to know the real us, and also give an update about all of the exciting things we have been putting our hands to during this crazy time. So I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, find a cozy spot to seat yourself, and enjoy reading for the next couple of moments what your friends at Lavender & Birch are all about and what we have been doing the past couple of months. So come on, let's get started!

Who we are:

The business was started over 2 years ago when our inspirational leader wanted to make her interior designing dreams a reality. With no furniture, a determined and hard working spirit, and her first staging job, Sara Beay took her first steps as the business owner of what is now called Lavender & Birch Home Staging and Design. That seemingly small staging job launched what has now helped to sell over one-hundred houses/condos through staging! But it doesn't stop there. Sara also provides design services for anyone who is looking to take a space that they already own and re-imagine it into something that fits them perfectly. Sara built this business out of her dreams, gifts, talents, and hard work and keeps it growing through the same. But let's take a deeper look at Lavender & Birch to discover the heartbeat behind what we do.

Like I said, Sara started this business. And Sara has always had a gift for interior design and a passion for making a room feel comfortable and inviting. Everywhere she has lived Sara has invested herself into making that space beautiful. With that same investment, that's just what she does with her client's space: she makes it something truly beautiful! The goal of Lavender & Birch is to help people create home. This goal comes as a reflection of who Sara is. She is a real person with a heart to help people. No secret agendas. No strings attached. Just a genuine person who cares for others. For a person like that it becomes second nature to create a space that is warm and welcoming. All of these things have come together to create the personality of Lavender & Birch: friendly, warm, hard-working, diligent, and passionate. We are a business that does our best to give our clients what they are looking for with exceptional service and the mindset of being servant-hearted just like the Person who first showed us how to be.

When Sara started this business she gave it the unique thumb print that it has, but she has also found noteworthy people to share in her passions and help the business thrive! We would love for you to meet who we are! The staff that keep Lavender & Birch healthy and growing and make working for this business so much fun are none other than:

Sara: Sara is the business owner and home staging/designing entrepreneur. She loves her husband and children and is always up for a challenge! She has also supported and assisted her husband in starting his own heating and cooling business called LB Home Heating.

Aaron: Aaron is the supportive and encouraging husband of Sara. He has always believed in his wife and encouraged her to chase her dreams. He is also a loving father, business owner, teacher, and lover of history.

Mary: Mary is Sara's mother and has helped tremendously in working on and managing the website. She has an attention to detail and professionalism that pours into everything she does. Mary is also a dedicated mother and grandmother who loves spending time with her family.

Becca: Becca is Sara's cousin and "right hand woman" who is always willing to help out with whatever need arises. She is also a world traveler who has done many mission trips out of the country to several different places around the world including India, Japan, and China.

Anna: Anna is just that. Anna. She is a friend without any family relation to Sara, but they are sisters in Christ! Anna loves to eat ramen and play volleyball with her friends. She is also willing to learn how to do anything and everything and is especially grateful for the many new skills she has gained through working with Lavender & Birch.

In our next blog we will share our favorite highlights from the last few months. In the meantime, visit us at to find the perfect furniture and decor for your home!

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