Hi, I'm the walk-through. 

                         I'm here to help you shift that couch there,

                 toss that pillow here and tidy up that space
righttt there. yep, that's it. Now they'll feel at home...


                                     Soft staging

Welcome to Soft-staging. 

                        So you know you need your home or your clients home.               staged- but you're just in for a nice touch-up?. This is where the "soft" part of the staging comes in.


                 Power staging 
                           You're ready. Ready for this blessing of a house or
               not-so blessing of a house to sell and you know you need a                    miracle---you came to the right place. The home-staging of all home-staging. Yep. This one is for you!
                                    Gift certificates 
This is for that friend you miss whos too stressed out to go out for a coffee or a round of golf because they're trying to get their house on the market and then, obviously, "off-the-market". Yeah, that friend. Go ahead and hit book it and schedule that friend date.